Agency Audits and Assessments 
Offerings focused on outside collection agencies and recovery management. Labrynth utilizes our customizable scoring in conjunction with client work standards, to evaluate OCA efficiency and performance. 
CACS & Strata Services 
Offerings focused on the Strata & CACS products, including administration, software upgrade, assessment and treatment optimization services. 
Strategic Sourcing
Labrynth provides managed outsourcing for all or a portion of a delinquent account portfolio.
Business and Technology Consulting
Offerings are centered around business process and system-related consulting.
Project Management Services
Offerings, including project management training, are centered around project management activities, spanning the project lifecycle.
Call Center Consulting
Offerings focus on call center strategies, technologies, and business processes for clients.
Data Analysis and Reporting
Labrynth provides analysis and reporting services to help clients transform data into useful information to support business decisions.
Our offerings are designed to be customized so that they meet your organization's specific needs. Labrynth offers the following service offerings:

Our Services.

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